Cutlery Sets

This year the McBride PAC is trying to reduce all plastic one time use cutlery from our school’s hot lunch program.  The environment can no longer handle all the plastic that we dispose of so lets try to be a part of the solution by participating in the VSB’s sustainability initiative.  Let’s increase awareness and reduce waste entering our landfills.  

 We will be selling stainless steel reusable cutlery sets that consist of a fork, spoon and chopsticks with a reusable case with the McBride logo on it.

 Cutlery sets will be selling for $7.00.


As of October 15, 2019 we will be free of one time use plastic cutlery and each student participating in the hot lunch program must have their own reusable cutlery sets.  You may use or purchase your own reusable cutlery for your child(ren) – you do not have to purchase this set.

To order, visit Munchalunch and click on the “fundraising” link.


Hot lunch

Our hot lunch program runs 3 days a week and can be ordered online via Munch a Lunch.

Please click on the Munchalunch link in the sidebar to order.

September ordering will close on Sunday September 15th at 10pm.

October ordering will remain open, and will close on Thursday September 26th at 10pm.

Important Fall Dates

Welcome Back McBride Families!

  • Tuesday, September 4 – we’ll be serving complimentary coffee in the morning in the courtyard as a welcome back to parents on the first day
  • Wednesday, September 11 – we have our first PAC meeting at 6 pm in the library. As usual, child care is provided by one of our Grade 6/7 students for students & siblings in an adjacent room. We will be electing a new executive at the first meeting, so if you are interested in being on the executive, please attend. All parents are members of the PAC and can attend any meeting and vote regardless of whether they are on the executive.
  • Friday, September 27 – please save the date (& book a sitter) for our parents night out. More details to follow and tickets will be available on MunchaLunch shortly. (If you are new to the school and don’t yet have a MunchaLunch account details on that will also follow.

Do you have friends who are coming to McBride? Let them know to contact us so that they can join our mailing list.

McBride Concert

McBride music teachers look forward to welcoming you to the music concert on May 15, 2019.

Primary Concert
Concert Start time: 5pm
Drop off to regular classroom: 4:45pm
Pick up from classroom: Students are to be picked up immediately after the concert. This
should be just before 6pm. Please do not try to collect your child during the concert. It is unfair and distracting to those students performing later in the concert to have the audience leaving during the concert!
Concert Dress: Wear a bright coloured top (the same colour worn for your Walkathon) and dark bottoms.

Intermediate Concert
Concert Start Time: 6:00pm
Drop off to regular classroom: 5:45pm
Pick Up from classroom: After concert at around 7:00pm
Concert dress: Wear a bright coloured top (the same colour worn for your Walkathon ) and dark bottoms.